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These values help keep us living the way we believe Father God wants us to, when gathered together and when we're out and about in the daily adventures of our lives.

After being inspired by a couple of great books, (Culture of Honour and Culture Changers) and the course Leadership Development Programme with Global Legacy, we have decided to change our church language to that of Family. For too long churches have been split up, boxed in and labelled by denominations, yet when we look at the government of heaven all we see is the perfect relationship of Family. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

"We want to be believers just doing life together – Family life centred around biblical values where Jesus builds His Church in our midst."

"We are called to be part of a relational Family, governed by love rather than rules.
A framework where people are transformed as they experience being forgiven, adopted in God’s Family, discipled, loved and accepted."

"…and in the words of John Wimber, “Everyone gets to play!” – meaning that we all get to do the things that Jesus did, not just those who lead."

Extracts from Culture Changers.

Over the course of 2018 and beyond we want to continue to create Honour and Family as our culture, the default of what makes us tick. We want to continue to connect with other churches, our Wider Family, who share a common interest with us, the love and passion for more of Jesus, and His will and love in our lives and world!

We are excited for all that Father God has in store for us!

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